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Haiti Facts:

With a Population of nearly 10 million people, the Republic of Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. 80% of the population lives UNDER the poverty line! Most Haitians live on only 2$ per day and the country is ranked 163 out of 188 by UN human development index.

  • 2/3 of labor force do not have jobs in the struggling economy
  • 90% of primary schools are nonpublic and managed by religious organizations and NGO's.
  • 80% of teachers are not trained and some resign to work for free or only $1000/year
  • Nearly 2/3 of the population is illiterate.
  • Only 59% of youth have completed primary school by the age of 24
  • Less than 40% have access to drinking water.
  • Life expectancy is only 49 yrs for adults
  • Infant mortality rate is 55/1000 live births
  • 59/1000 children will die before their 1st birthday
  • Estimated 1 in 285 births will result in the mother's death (16x higher than the US)
  • Only 4.18% of population will reach the age of 65 years or older, the average age of live persons is only 22 years old.
  • 2.2% of the population is affected by AIDS, one of the highest in the world with bacterial, protozoal diarrhea, Hep A and Hep B, typhoid fever, malaria, dengue fever, and Zika are common